Cookie Policy

The Cookie Policy page is here as a disclaimer and to make it clear for visitors to understand that cookies are used on this website, and explain how they’re used in addition to explaining how you can control them.

What Cookies Are

These are small text files that are placed on whatever device you use to access They help me to administrate the site and provide a better user experience by understanding the actions taken when you’re on the website. This is things like the pages you visit, the duration of time spent on each page, how you arrived, such as from a social networking platform, or via a search phrase that you entered into a search engine, etc.

A general explanation of cookies is that they let websites store each user’s preferences.If I had a shopping cart here, as an example, you’d be able to add products to it, then leave the website, returning later and the cart items would still be stored. The only way to empty your cart would be clear your browser data.

The cookies used on this website are linked to Google – a third party service provider – for the purpose of Google Analytics and the use of the ReCaptcha API, which appears below all the contact forms on this website.

Cookies are intended to make your browsing experience here better, but if you do feel that you do not want this website to store cookies on your device, then the simplest way to make that happen is to disable cookies on your browser.

For details on how to disable cookies, you can select your browser from the links below to be taken to the support page for instructions.

Should you choose to disable cookies, it may affect the functionality of the website.

If your browser isn’t listed, or you don’t want to click on the links provided on this page, refer to the about page of your internet browser, or the Help section to find out how to delete and manage all cookies stored on your device. provides further guidance on cookie information, should you need to know more.