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For SEO Copywriting

I’ve been in the trenches of SEO since 2010. When I got it wrong, it felt like the world ended. That was 2012 and a very bad year for the entire SEO community.

Lucky for you, it wiped me out!

I moved into the services sector as a ghostwriter and I’ve never looked back. Nor do I ever take a backseat on the latest trends.

Truth is, search algorithms are much more intuitive now, making it much, much (yeah that needed repeating), to create compelling copy that search crawlers can interpret and real people can comprehend better because there’s nowhere near as much repetition happening on a good SEO copywritten page.

The trick to it is to use semantically related keywords. Those are terms the search engines suggest to people, both in the search bar and at the bottom of all search results pages that are shown as “related searches”.

I’m an avid user of Google Autosuggest, which is the service that makes terms appear as you type in a search phrase. You could do that all day, which is why I got me some neat software that digs through them all for me.

Take a search term like Copywriter for * (with  the asterix representing the first letter typed)

That would show me that people have searched at some point for a copywriter for…

  • Charity
  • Products
  • Real Estate
  • Travel
  • Small Business

The same works for every other industry and niche and sub-niche within it, regardless how narrow you think it may be.

… Indulge me in a hypothetical for mo’

I’ll imagine you’re interested in getting someone to write about flooring. Most writer’s would be thinking B.O.R.I.N.G. How can you jazz that up?

So I’ll get started and less than a minute into the keyword research phase using autosuggest shows me that people aren’t just looking for a flooring solution for the usual hot spots. Living room, hallway, staircase, kitchen etc. The stuff you’d find on a site like Houzz.


When I thought bathroom flooring would be tiles, people are actively looking for floors for wet rooms. While every other competitor focuses on selling bathroom tiles, vinyl and the likes, my copy would cover that and the specific types of flooring that’d be perfectly suited to a wet room too.

Just to strengthen the copy even more and convince the reader your company could deliver… for good measure I’d also cover the flooring types that can survive flooding. Don’t know about you, but I reckon if it can survive flooding, it’ll be very practical for a bathroom and a wet room floor.

Venturing into the long tail keywords (expanding on the first few key terms) you get wet room flooring options, installation, vinyl, non-slip and wet room tanking. All of which get decent search volume individually and you’ll have them combined … it's hard to see how you couldn't fail to attract more people into your website.

Of course, that’s a hypothetical, but seriously - it’s fun. Well, for me it is.

In fact, I’d go as far to say that the majority of the content I create, would be considered by most as “cornerstone content”. The difference with me is I love learning and writing, so my average work goes super deep.

Attract, Engage & Convince. That’s the tagline here and I can do it great because I’m nosey and love to peek into what people search for online.

No matter what your product or service is, I will delve deep into the minds of your target audience, find what their searching for online, think carefully about why, and match their needs and/or wants and align those to your products or service.

Just so I’m clear though, when I say I do SEO copywriting, I’m only referring to on-site SEO and not off-site as I work independently and have no desire to build a team to take care of complex SEO campaigns.

If you’re a small and growing business owner, I can revamp your onsite SEO. And if you’re an SEO agency looking for  a savvy and jazzy copywriter for your clients, it’s ghostwriting I do and I don’t have a problem returning a signed or e-signed NDA. (not that you’ll need it)

I’ll Ghostwrite Cornerstone Content that’s Search Engine Optimized and the foundation for all your off-site SEO. Without solid foundational content, no amount of marketing will help your SEO.

My SEO content uses targeted keyword phrases…

  • Attractively placed in your page title
  • In the first sentence as an exact match
  • With semantically related terms sprinkled throughout the copy
  • The most relevant terms used in heading tags
  • …. And outbound links to authoritative sources cited within the content. This gives it more credibility while simultaneously, enhancing yours.
For Ghostwriting Blog Posts

I’ve yet to hear anyone worth listening to in the marketing field say that blogs are a waste of time. What they mostly tell you it’s great for search engine exposure. That’s something I don’t care about. They are a nice side effect, but strip everything back to the core of what a blog should be and it’s all about engagement.

Engagement is the reason every blog has social share buttons and the most effective ones have comments open too.

Blog content should, in my opinion, serve to drive engagement up. Sure, use it to increase leads if that’s your reason for putting a blog on your site, but at the very least, make it engaging. Let people comment, give them content they’ll want to share, inspire them to share your blog posts and most beneficial is to use your blog content to connect.

  • Blogs build connections.
  • Poeple buy from people.

So it stands to reason that if you put a more laid back style of writing on your site, get people commenting and sharing, and you’re actively engaging with your readers, your business isn’t just a business anymore because your blog has interaction going on. Your business presence online, gets a human side to it.

With my blog ghostwriting service, I’ll create the content you’ll be proud to publish with your name as the author. I’ll build on your expertise using the written word, then you can set about your marketing.

Want more reasons to go pro with your blog content…

  • Power up your social media marketing
  • Align your business with leaders in your space
  • Boost your credibility and use that expert status to power your networking opportunities
  • Most importantly is that you lead. Your blog builds trust with readers, it engages, and they listen to your advice.

With an engaged following, your business won’t be ignored.

You can have guest post submissions from other experts, be invited for interviews, get PR exposure from mainstream media… the list goes on.

Of course, that’s where things can go, but it will take marketing. Just that alone is time consuming. My blog ghostwriting service, just like my SEO copywriting is your foundation. You get the content professionally created for you, leaving you with engaging content to go out and share.

To Write Cornerstone Content

This type of content is essential for any SEO campaign to be successful. It’s the pillar content that’s so useful to readers and others in your industry as it’s so well written and published as user-friendly as possible that others in your sector can’t help but link to it.

In my opinion, in the case of business websites using blogs, every single category on that blog should have a piece of cornerstone content to help boost it’s authority in the search engines.

But, and more specifically, it’s distilled content designed to be user-friendly. It’s essentially long-form copy, and with me, it’s never shorter than 2,000 words. The copy comprises of (usually) six to eight related sub-categories, all rolled up into one piece of beneficial content that for any reader to land on the page, will find it beneficial and leave there knowing more than they did about your category/subject than they did when they first arrived.

When your content can do that, you get to become the company that’s top of mind when that person needs something that you can deliver.

The other term I’d use for this is flagship content. That’s because nobody is really going to be bookmarking your about page, or home page. Your in-depth flagship content though, they will. Because they need to.

As there’s so much content compiled together, the very top should have a linked table of contents, which takes readers to each section of the page. If you’re on WordPress, I can take care of setting up your page links, otherwise, I’ll include the HTML coding you need to place a hyperlinked table of contents into the editor of whatever CMS you’re using to manage your blog or website.

What tends to happen with this type of flagship content is people won’t have the time to read it in one sitting. Instead, they’ll bookmark it in their browser as a “to read later” or whatever method they use to manage their content consumption.

This content gets return visitors.

Moreover, it gets social shares because it’s so insightful.

Now, this type of flagship content isn’t reserved to categories on blogs. It’s also a type of content that can be successfully adapted to sales pages. Especially when each section ends with a strong call to action designed to get your business more leads.

It’s a soft sell approach designed to get people into your sales pipeline.

For business websites that need to reduce their bounce rate, increase social shares and boost the amount of return visitors to the site, even without an email list, this is the ghostwriting service I’d say is best suited. 

For a Complete Website and Blog Management Service

With this service, I’ll take care of your entire website’s on-site SEO, including improving the sales copy where appropriate, tweaking CTA’s to get you those uber-important leads, and manage the backend of your WordPress blog, which will include a weekly publishing schedule.


For Non-Fiction e-Book Ghostwriting - Kindle publishing for lead gen

In the B2B space, your best leads don’t come from Google, or any wannabe search competitor… DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yahoo etc. They don’t scratch the surface of the Kindle business section. That’s where you can get really good quality leads, provided you take the right approach.

Blogging is great for inbound marketing, but it takes a while to get good leads into your pipeline. You’d likely be looking at your readers and subscribers consuming at least seven long form (2,000+ words) blog posts before they’ll take any serious action that moves them further along your pipeline.

I reckon Kindle is a great marketing channel to fast track your lead generation and basically put it on steroids. That’s because when people want super in-depth content related to your field of expertise, they will not start with a Google Search.

I know I don’t.

I head over to the Kindle Marketplace and search the topic I’m needing to research. One of the best I came across wasn’t even written for Kindle. That was called “Death of the Copier” by Greg Walters and it was on the topic of  Multi-Functional Printers, but more specifically related to Managed Print Services. All that was, was a compilation of blog posts from Greg’s blog, and it totally influenced my perception of how skilled he was in that space.

It delved deep into how the big name brands are expanding into the managed print space, and making it easier for resellers to enter the market. What I found was that Greg’s content was more about how resellers, which my client was, could better infiltrate the  print outsourcing space via white label. It was exactly what I needed. I could find the same on his blog, but then I’d have to do site searches for all the content he’d already compiled into one book.

I was already hired by a Print Management Firm who needed a fast turnaround, which meant I needed to research that space fast and hard.

Instead of sifting through multiple pages and posts online, Kindle has, in many sectors, long form copy already distilled into reports. Often in the region of 10,000 words, but sometimes less. Nearly all the business books in all the sectors I’ve researched have a call-to-action in the introduction and again at the end. These are usually and likely most effective when the CTA leads buyers to a landing page dedicated to the book you publish on Kindle.

For Lead Gen info product creation, I use a writing software program called Scrivener that lets me (or you if you get a license) to export in any file format you need for whatever distribution channel you use. In one click so with my ghostwriting, you'll never need to hire an additional service provider to change your file format.

My ghostwriting of non-fiction ebooks can be delivered to you in a variety of formats so you can take advantage of more than Kindle. PDF, ePub, .mobi… any file format you need to get your ebook out there to the masses. Distribute it for free, sell it, use it to build and influence your subscriber list, and most importantly, use it to generate some seriously targeted and super-educated leads for your business.

Let me handle the research and writing stages to produce a lead generation report that enhances your reputation, credibility, can get you rave reviews, but most importantly, when put to good use, works for lead generation in the B2B space.

To Ghost Author Your Guest Posts

Getting your name known among others in your space is fastest done via a guest post submission to an already established blog in your space. It’s an introduction to another businesses audience.

To get a feature on there, which can include a mailing to their subscribers with an intro about you and your company, is no easy feat. It takes connections, which is best done by building your own using your company blog. And associating that content with you as the author, rather than “admin” or someone else’s name.

Build your own influence using your blog, then you can enhance your reputation by getting published elsewhere for more exposure.

I do not handle the outreach part of guest posting campaigns as it’s far too time consuming.

This service is either for existing clients who I know and regularly publish for who have either been asked, or have asked other blog owners for a guest post, or for agencies providing this service who require a pro ghostwriter to represent clients in the best light possible. All the while tailoring the content to the audience of the site it’s being published on, while using the most authentic tone to match the contributor being represented.

Should you need  a writing service of any type that’s not listed above, use the contact form below to ask. I’ve worked on a range of projects including Press Release writing, e-course creation and email newsletters.

All inquiries welcomed and will be replied to within 24-hours on weekdays.

Unrestricted and Unlimited Revisions Free

This is a ridiculous service, rarely offered by a Ghostwriter…

Revisions can be restricted to typos, spelling and grammar fixes.  As a ghostwriter, it’s my job to align your content to reflect your brands persona, so I will also adjust the style and the tone and even the formatting of the content until you are 100% satisfied that you’re comfortable using my content to represent your expertise.

Risky, you’d think, but I've been ghostwriting long-enough to know that most times, my copy hits out the ballpark from the get-go, so I'm not worried about wasting time revising. If it's not good enough, you don't pay until it is.

All work guaranteed to be copy-paste publish ready.

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