In the words of Jeff Eisenberg...

"It's much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic."

I Write Content that Will Increase Your Sales, Boost Your Credibility and Enhance Your Cyber Reputation…

… By Ghostwriting all your content for you.

B2C and B2B web converting content taken care of.

How,  you ask?

Here's My Process to Create Your Content

Every project starts with intensive research to….

  • Get familiar with your product inventory or services offered
  • Research your industry and area of expertise
  • Identify your target audience
  • Research your target audience via a variety of methods and channels to ensure that I've a thorough understanding of:
    • Your business and activities
    • Your industry overall and
    • Specifically, get a real understanding of who your target audience is, and identify how best to engage with those people using digital copy.

Relevant content begins by understanding what your audience wants to know. They'll use search engines to research that.

I research what your audience researches using Google's Autosuggest feature. You can do this yourself, or let me handle it as part of my service at no extra cost. I use a software program that taps into the Autosuggest algorithmic processes used by all three major search engines and a few of the largest e-Com sites online. 

The audience understanding is critical at this stage to craft relevant content that does two things.

  1. Attracts readership
  2. and engages

The first two stages always lay the groundwork for crafting content that just works. The first stage identifies a specific audience profile, and the second identifies the problems, questions, and the mindset of someone in that audience.

The result of the third stage is content that speaks directly to each person attracted by the catchy, and explanatory headlines used to draw people into your site. As though it’s written just for them.

The best part is every person to be researching the same topic using the exact, or related keyword phrases will also be drawn to the content because I include LSI keywords in your content.

This is how I can get your business organic audience growth.