Content drives business online.

Your website content sells your products and services and can drive referral traffic when it is optimized with SEO best practices.

I’m a resourceful freelance writer with 10-years’ experience in multiple industries, competent with WordPress, and I excel at research.

Discover my 3-Step Process to Create YOUR Content

1. The Research Phrase

Every project starts with intensive research to….

  • Get familiar with your product inventory or services offered
  • Research your industry and area of expertise
  • Identify your target customers
  • Research your business, and industry, and find angles into niches to reach potential customers.

Bottom line: It’s intensive research. We’re talking keywords, competition, industry vertical, target audience, and market research.
I go beyond in the research phase, making certain you get results-focused web copy!

2. Keyword Research…. Done for You
Relevant content begins by understanding what your customers wants to know. They’ll use search engines to research that.

I research what your customers research using Google’s Autosuggest feature.

You can do this yourself, or let me handle it as part of my service at no extra cost. I use a software program that taps into the Autosuggest algorithmic processes used by all three major search engines and a few of the largest e-Com sites online.

3. The Written Process

The audience understanding (your customer) is critical at this stage to craft relevant content that does two things.

  1. Attracts readership
  2. and engages

The first two stages always lay the groundwork for crafting content that just works. The first stage identifies a specific customer profile, and the second identifies the problems, questions, and the mindset of someone in that audience.

The finished piece is content that speaks directly to each person attracted by the catchy, and explanatory headlines used to draw people into your site. As though it’s written just for them.

And get this: Every person to be researching the same topic using the exact, or related keyword phrases will also be drawn to the content because I include LSI keywords in your content.

This is how I can get your business organic audience growth.

Through any of the writing services below, I can help meet your business’ content needs.


Copywriting is the foundation for every piece of content that is part of a sales and marketing funnel.

The intended purpose is to guide prospects from the top of the funnel, through the middle stages, then finally close the deal with a sale, an appointment, or a booking confirmation. Whatever your ask is, the call-to-action gets the user to take the action your business needs.

Conversions will be higher with a professionally copywritten sales funnel rather than a single sales page with no other components.

I can provide assistance in piecing together a marketing funnel for your products or services.

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SEO Writing

Get found on search with strategic SEO copywriting. Correctly placed keywords within powerful heading tags to positively impact SEO while improving readability.

  • Image alt tags filled out correctly for the sight-impaired – without keyword stuffing in HTML
  • Headings and sub-headings optimized,
  • Deep-linking for easier navigation (bots and users)
  • Outbound links to trusted sources to build your credibility
  • Meta descriptions within the character limit
    • (60 characters for the title,  and for the description, 120 characters for mobile search, 155-160 on desktop search)
  • Feature snippets formatted for the coveted rank 0. – when the information on your page directly answers a Google query.

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UX Writing

UX is shorthand for user experience. It differs slightly from copywriting.

The purpose of UX writing is to guide users through a digital process. This style of writing focuses more on microcopy. I have experience working with web design agencies to create copy with tight character limitations.

This style of writing needs to be as concise as possible. The fewer words, the better.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing straddles every type of media format and marketing channel. From YouTube videos, social media posts, influencer marketing campaigns, and newsletters, right through to the email inbox.

I can create multiple types of written marketing material including blog posts, newsletters, social media blurbs, case studies, and white papers.

I am familiar with a range of collaboration tools including Slack, ClickUp, Google Workspace, Canva, and Trello.

I am a fast learner so whatever project management tools your team use, onboarding me into your team can be quick.

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Ultimate Guides / Pillar Posts

Ultimate guides are pillar posts for your website. These are the types of content to continually link to on your site and done right, other websites link to your site as a reference.

It is an organic method to build your website’s backlink profile, in turn, earning domain trust with search engines and brand trust in your industry.

These are essential for organic growth from SEO. The process for these is to research existing content, then make your pillar post better. Not necessarily longer, but certainly more user-orientated.

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Tutorials for SaaS companies

Content marketing for SaaS providers can be more effective with detailed walkthroughs of various features.

Demonstrations perform better than a list of features that leave the details to the user’s imagination.

I do not do video tutorials; however, my tutorials do contain screenshots making it easy to piece together a presentation video and then add a voiceover to the presentation.

It is an affordable method to make video tutorials on a budget!

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I.T and B2B Technology Copywriting

One of my strengths is the ability to understand complex topics, then explain things in the copy in laymen’s terms.

My first dive into tech copywriting was for a B2B MFP firm headquartered in London, UK. They have since been acquired. Despite not owning or operating a multifunctional printer, multiple tutorials, guides, and troubleshooting tips were provided in the blog section as part of their content marketing campaign.

These can be viewed on the website.

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e-Learning Writer

e-Course creation requires a lot of research and the ability to enthuse buzz into the course materials, getting learners excited to progress.

Courses can be designed around e-learning platforms, or, businesses can take a different approach and have niche e-courses created to benefit their users. The Canva Design School is an example of that.

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eBook Writing / Report Writing

eBooks are downloadable assets that serve multiple marketing purposes. White papers, case studies, or simple reports to use as lead magnets to increase email subscribers.

If emails form the backbone of your marketing campaigns, eBooks are the number one tool to grow your email list.

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Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are ideal for minimizing distractions and putting one offer front and center. These are mostly used for sign-up pages, and for PPC landing pages. In particular, local area pages for service websites such as local plumbers, electricians, roofers, etc.

With an optimized page focused strongly on the benefits of your product or service, and the target audience persona in mind, conversions rates are higher.

To discuss your content requirements, kindly fill in the brief form below and reference any particular service you are interested in.